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As we head into a future with a workforce that is increasingly remote, the demand for apartments with the ability to accommodate this transition is growing. This shift is also resulting in changes in tenant preferences and different expectations when it comes to what they are looking for in an apartment. 

The Changing Workforce

Over recent years, employees have been quitting their jobs at a record setting pace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4.5 million workers quit their job in March 2022. A major reason for quitting is to find remote or hybrid opportunities. It is a very difficult time for companies, as they now have to re-think the structure of the nine to five in-office workweek and what they can do to retain their employees.

The Growing Demand for Apartments 

With the shift to remote work, more people are on the hunt for accommodating apartments to productively work from. For young professionals, renting an apartment is an attractive and exciting option. Most individuals at this age are still trying to climb up the ladder in their careers, so they aren’t in a rush to be a homeowner quite yet. An apartment is less of a commitment and a cheaper alternative while saving up money.

Changes in Tenant Preferences 

As the workplace has completely changed, so has tenant preferences. In 2022, there are different standards and higher expectations when it comes to what renters are looking for in an apartment. Individuals who work from home all day tend to be looking for a quiet area where there will be minimal distractions. A noisy, busy, and chaotic location can make it hard to focus and get work done.

Also, renters will be looking for apartments that have high speed wifi and connectivity. Without this, working from home can be quite the challenge, and may cause them to miss out on important meetings or updates.

Pandemic Trends 

The pandemic has completely changed society and brought upon many new trends. One trend that is common amongst work from home individuals is converting a bedroom into an office. This way, there is separation between time spent working and personal time. An overlap between the two can make it difficult to focus, get work done, and meet those important deadlines.

In order to work productively, you will want to make sure you have a proper work from home set up that is free of distractions. Below are a few tips for setting up an efficient work space in your apartment.

How to Set up a Work From Home Space: 

  • Choose a quiet location: You’ll want to choose a location in your home that is free from distractions.
  • Make sure you have enough space: You’ll need enough space to spread out your work materials and have room to move around.
  • Invest in comfortable furniture: You’ll be spending a lot of time in your work space, so make sure you have comfortable furniture that you enjoy working in. 
  • Add personal touches: Add some personal touches to your work space to make it feel like yours. This could include photos, plants, a scented candle, or anything else that makes you feel at home.